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Please note the events listed below are subject to change. All events are free to the community unless noted by an asterik (*), and details can be found on our social media sites or by emailing our Operations Manager at

Recurring Events
  • Thursdays this Summer, 5-8pm: Industry Night
Summer to Winter 2019
  • July 17, 7pm: Pay It Forward Art & Decor Swap
  • July 18, 5pm: Sip Cider with the Arts – Robin Panzer
  • July 19, 7:30pm: Live music with This Frontier Needs Heroes
  • July 20, 7:30pm: Live music with P. Barton
  • July 27, 7:30pm: Live music with Karaj Lost Coast
  • August 1, 5pm: Ops Manager One Year Anniversary
  • August 3, 7pm: Live music with Mae McCoy
  • August 10, 7:30pm: Live music with Beth Waters
  • August 14, 6pm: Pay It Forward Kitchen Gadget Swap
  • August 17, 7:30pm: Live music with Complimentary Colors
  • August 23, 9pm: Music Festival of the Gorge Afterhours with Freehugger
  • August 24, 7:30pm: Live music with Alanna Eileen
  • August 30, 7:30pm: Live music with Amy Bleu & Rachel Chuganey
  • September 5, 5pm: Sip Cider with the Artist – Audrey Mae Bernhardt
  • September 11, 6pm: Pay It Forward Jewelry & Accessory Swap
  • September 14, 7:30pm: Live music with Red Robe Revival
  • September 21, 7:30pm: Live music with Terry Lee Burns feat. Freddy Fretless
  • October 3, 5pm: Sip Cider with the Artist – Kim Lindemyer
  • October 12, 6pm: Crushtoberfest 2019 at Crush Cider Cafe
  • November 7, 5pm: Sip Cider with the Artist – Lenore Perconti
  • December 5, 5pm: Sip Cider with the Artist – Kat Carroll