Mainline Ciders
At Slopeswell, we focus on dry and off-dry ciders made in Old World style. While there are select and small run ciders available in our taproom, these are our standard fare that you may find at your favorite local drinking hole.

Black Currant
Fruited Cider
Our French wine yeast combines so well with the piquant flavor of Black Currant that we are considering making this a year round offering. A lovely dark violet treat whether it’s cold out or the sun is returning.

Taproom Select Ciders
Taproom Select ciders are our flagship ciders that you will find only in our taproom and at carefully-curated establishments in the Gorge.

Bourbon barrel-aged Cider
What do you get when you take our easy going Maxwell Street and age it for six months in a bourbon barrel? A lovely cider that has a lot of spirit! Still mellow and clean, but with just a bit of extra kick.

Fruited Ciders
These fruited ciders are a simple, yet delicious blend of apples and seasonal fruit purees or concentrates. These ciders are beautiful in color and always a refreshing reflection of the unique Gorge seasons. Rotating Availability throughout each season.

Storm Jib
Summer Select
A toned down version of a peach cider that makes you feel like you could sit at the waterfront for hours.

Summer Select
Northwest apples and our favorite French wine yeast lay the foundation and apricot joins to sing along. We think you’ll love the way apricot harmonizes with apple to sing a lovely spring tune.

Winter Select
A dark and dry cider with the tang of Cranberry and a touch of spice will help warm the long dark nights of winter.

Specialty Ciders
Specialty and experimental ciders sold in the tap-room only and with limited availability.
Each cider may rotate quickly because we sometimes make small run ciders with as few as one or two kegs available.

Sirius Black
Heritage Cider
Made with single varietal Kingston Black apples from Parkdale. It is slow fermented for about 9 months with our French Wine yeast. The simplicity of production by no means correlates to the incredibly complex flavors of this cider. Smokey, sweet, and spicy are words often used to describe this cider.

Spicy sweet Cider
An invigorating cider to pique your interest with its sweet, peachy heat. Made with peaches and fresh, roasted habaneros, this cider is sure to remind you of summer!

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