Let’s face it: it’s hot outside and you need to stay hydrated.

As a reminder, we just launched our first apparel campaign with Bonfire, a company whose mission is to help small businesses through the impacts of COVID closures by offering unique apparel opportunities. With this campaign, you basically visit one convenient site, shop nine different styles in several colors of our signature STAY HYDRATED designs, and your items are shipped directly to your door. No contact, no traveling to the taproom, no holding inventory for us, no bulk purchase sizing.

This is one-stop, custom apparel shopping that not only lets you stay cool and hydrated in your own home, it also directly benefits our bottom line and our employees.

Please join us in reinvigorating our Heights Taproom with this Slopeswell logo design on tanks, tshirts, v-necks, hoodies, crewnecks, and baseball shirts in sizing from S-4XL. Whether you are staying hydrated to keep yourself healthy, working outdoors on these hot Northwestern days, raising your voice in the streets for social justice, or just dreaming of cider, we’ve got you covered to stay cool.


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