We are now ten days into Phase One Reopening in Hood River, and we’ve been learning some lessons from our colleagues who have already welcomed back customers. As of today, our plan is to incorporate that knowledge, along with the most updated guidelines from state officials and health experts to give you the best experience possible when we reopen our taproom on Friday, June 5.

Here is a little taste of what you can expect:

  • 21+ only with valid ID – with limited seating capacity, we want every seat to be occupied by someone who can contribute to our bottom line, quite frankly. Additionally, without minors, it is easier for us to enforce social distancing and control sanitization. We do apologize for any inconvenience, understanding that we’ve been a family-friendly establishment by history
  • Limit of 19 guests inside the taproom at any given time – we expect guests to sit with who they came with or plan to meet. We have just six seating areas indoors and two outdoors – each area is considered occupied even if all chairs aren’t taken.
  • Physical distance spacing of 6 ft or more – we have reconfigured our taproom to allow substantial distance between parties, which means very limited seating in a different atmosphere. We ask that you respect this.
  • No bar seating – OHA guidelines dictate that no one is allowed to sit at the bar, but we have seats at the prow at safe social distance. However, you will be required to order, pickup and pay at the bar as we are not offering table service.
  • Masks are encouraged – please bring a mask to wear while moving around the taproom and ordering/picking up/paying at the bar. We have handmade, cloth masks for sale.
  • Card/no cash – we will only accept payments by cards in our taproom and for curbside pickup. You will not have an opportunity to sign, so, for that reason, please expect our staff to ask if you’d like to tip. Please tip generously.
  • No congregating plus handwashing – we require that no one congregate in line outside of the bathroom, so we have provided a handwashing station and hand sanitizer for your safety and convenience.
  • No outside vessels for refill – if you have growlers to return, please bring them in with the understanding that we will keep them. You will receive a new/sanitized growler for your fill. We do encourage you to return your old/used growlers so we can properly sanitize and use for the future so as to limit waste.
  • Very limited food menu – we will only be offering a couple of small snacks when we reopen so as to manage our bottom-line as a small business. For this reason, we will allow some outside food – however, we ask that you keep your area clean, bring disposable utensils and napkins, and take with you what you can when you leave.
  • Revised hours and curbside pickup – open Friday-Sunday, with curbside pickup available during taproom hours only. Please visit our social media platforms or website homepage for full hours info.

During this new phase of commerce, we simply ask that you appreciate our staff and support your community. We believe our guidelines to be both fair and in the best interest of everyone’s safety. If you do not believe you can comply with these guidelines or, for whatever reason, choose to not respect the severity of this pandemic, we politely invite you to enjoy cider and beer elsewhere.

Thank you, truly, from the bottom of our hearts for your support through the years, for your understanding of the complexities as we move forward, and for choosing to enjoy fermented beverages with us.

Thank you,
Kristyn Fix, Slopeswell Co-Owner & Operations Manager

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