Yesterday, I was at the taproom, doing some general cleaning, paying bills, and checking in on the cider-in-production. As I am prone to slight madness in isolation, I decided it would be fun to try everything we currently have on tap, and available for delivery, to give everyone spontaneous tasting notes.

Because we have six beers and nine ciders on tap, I only took sips of each one (suuuuuurrre I did), and here are the quick, creative characteristics I looked for: immediate taste, who would I drink this with, and where we would drink it. Maybe this will give you an idea of what you want delivered so you can envision yourself enjoying it with others outside of your home.

Remember, you can call to order growlers of any of these ciders, beers, or kombucha, plus we have single-serve wine and six-packs. Visit this menu or call us at (541) 436-4646.

OneBreath Cherry Cardamom Kombucha

  • Tastes like bing cherry filling // would drink with my grandma Zelma at Alamo Square Park in San Francisco (we’ve never been there together or anything – it just popped into my head)

Lahaina Cider

  • Tastes like green banana // would drink with my friend Amber while floating on a raft shaped like pizza in a pool (she has pool if you wanna make this happen)

Emperium Cider

  • Tastes green & pungent // would drink with a woods witch in the forest (am absolutely certain I’d run into my babe Audrey while I’m out there)

Parkdale Peach Cider – collaboration with McCarthy Family Farms

  • Tastes like sour gummy peaches // would drink with an old-timey sailor at an old-fashioned dance hall (if I’m honest, I’m probably be drinking whiskey and trying to get on stage with the band, not sipping peach drinks and playing coy with sailors)

Heights Cider

  • Tastes like sugared citrus rinds // would drink with my friend Laura at an outdoor sidewalk cafe in Germany (we actually did this daily about nine years ago and it was magic – I’d pretty much drink anything at an outdoor cafe with other humans right now)

Crowded Table Heirloom Cider

  • Tastes like toasted caramel // would drink at a drum circle on the beach at the Oregon Coast (I sort of hate this vision ‘cuz I don’t really want to be at a drum circle with a bunch of wooks, but it popped into my head and this cider would be perfect)

Homestead Cider – award-winning, wild-fermented from Parkdale, OR

  • Tastes like crab apples & ash // would drink with a total science nerd while on a horseback ride (I don’t know about this one, guys. I’ve been trying to tell you it’s a weird abyss in this cranium for years)

Somos Uno Perry – proceeds benefit immigrant families and services

  • Tastes like pineapple curry // would drink with a Muppet in an old Gothic castle by the fire (this is not a specific Muppet, but just a floppy, funny, furry puppet of any size, shape, or color – also a dream of mine since childhood)

Black Currant Cider

  • Tastes like pomegranate seeds // would drink with my cousin Brenda after a sunny, desert hike (she does these like everyday because she lives in Arizona, so I guess we’d just be chugging Black Currant everyday)

Maxwell Street Cider

  • Tastes like cotton candy // would drink with a caped superhero at a skating rink (I just really want to see his/her/their cape flapping in the wind)

Terminal Gravity Brewing Lager

  • Tastes like fresh-cut herbs // would drink with a super buff bro at a water park (I imagine he is like cartoon yoked and his muscles are like water wings)

Boneyard Beer IPA

  • Tastes like savory cheese spread // would drink with an NFL mascot at a backyard BBQ (of course I mean Staley Da Bear, you guys, and yes there is pasta salad)

GoodLife Brewing Sippy Cup Hazy Pale

  • Tastes like sweet, buttery panko // would drink with Oprah at a parade in New Orleans (can you even freaking imagine?!)

Thunder Island Brewing Remember the Forest IPA

  • Tastes like grilled fresh vegetables // would drink with a postal worker at the base of a local mountain (insert HUGE shoutout to the employees of USPS still pushing through and working their booties off during this pandemic)

Terminal Gravity Brewing Festivale

  • Tastes like malty, bitter butterscotch // would drink with my older neighbor while we pushed a grocery cart around town (yes, yes I AM sitting in the cart – why do you ask?)

Everybody’s Brewing Stout

  • Tastes like creamy coffee // would drink with Leonard Nimoy while eating Irish breakfast (in this scenario we were in the green rolling countryside and now that I’m writing this I think I meant Sir Patrick Stewart actually)

Hit us up. Get some beverages delivered. Let me know what you think and with who you’d love to drink them.

Kristyn Fix, Slopeswell Co-Owner & Operations Manager

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