CiderCon 2020, hosted by American Cider Association, is just around the corner in late January. This year it will be hosted in Oakland, California – a beautiful city in the Bay Area with a growing cider scene. In fact, Redfield Cider Bar & Bottle Shop has quickly become a staple in Oakland, and is renowned as one of the most comprehensive cider shops in our country.

This year, CiderCon, an annual event, kicks off Bay Area Cider Week, and is home to the best of the best in cidermaking from around the globe. Thousands of cider’s finest will descend on one location to drink, learn, share, chat, connect, collaborate, scheme, teach, and create together.

Two of our owners, Kristyn Fix and Jon Terhaar, will be in attendance at the upcoming CiderCon, and intend to bring home all of the sweetest tricks of the trade to share with you right here in the Columbia River Gorge. And, you can also attend CiderCon!

Right now, ACA is hosting an awesome giveaway of THREE cider cases! These pieces of luggage can accommodate your travel essentials, like toiletries, clothing, shoes, books, and, of course, cider. Michelle McGrath, ACA, wrote:

Bottles cling-wrapped and insulated in a sweatshirt. Cans sealed and stowed in empty bread bags and stuffed in socks. Or shoes. Most of us have taken extreme risk and sketchy measures to get cider to and from CiderCon® and other cider events. Did you know there is a better way? Behold, the cider case (ok, it has another name, but this is what we’re calling it).

All you have to do is register for CiderCon, book your hotel, or share your excitement about the event on one of their many social media platforms.

Click here for more information on how to share & enter to win!

We can’t wait to see you in Oakland.

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