Hood River Adopt A Dog (HRAAD) appreciates every single one of our donors, adopters, fosters and volunteers! Thanks to this communities support and hard work, we rescued 220 puppies and dogs in the last ten months!

A tremendous amount of coordination goes into every single rescue – from making the dogs in our program feel welcome, to matching dogs with the right fosters and adopters; to arranging for transportation and vet care, to marketing our dogs so they can find their forever homes.

It’s a lot of work, but it is a labor of love. Whether we’re welcoming a single canine from our local community, or a new group of dogs from a transfer partner, we are always struck both by how fortunate they are to have landed here with us, and how fortunate we are to be able to support them in our community. HRAAD has so much to offer these dogs while they are with our compassionate staff, fosters and volunteers! As we grow, we look forward to extending our ability to help even more dogs throughout our community.  We appreciate the support of Slopeswell Cider and patrons like you who support organizations throughout our community!

As you read below about some of the dogs HRAAD has been able to help this year, we ask you to recognize that what we have accomplished could not have been done without your continued support and engagement.


A litter of nine very sweet and very small lab/pip puppies arrived at HRAAD in late September. Shortly after their arrival, one of the puppies was rushed to our local vet partner because she was showing symptoms of what appeared to be the often-fatal Parvovirus. She tested negative but she was so sick and unresponsive that it was determined she needed care that we couldn’t provide at the shelter. We canceled all planned adoptions until we could be sure that everyone one of the other puppies were healthy.

The following day, tow more puppies started experiencing the same symptoms. they were immediately rushed to our vet partner where they tested positive for the Parvovirus. While at the vet a third puppy started showing the same symptoms. This was getting scary!

HRAAD immediately went to its highest level of disinfectant protocols and the five healthy puppies were quickly isolated. The shelter crew worked non-stop to prevent the potential spared of this scary and often fatal virus. After much love, care, and hard work, miraculously all 4 sick puppies had responded to treatment and were recovering. All 9 puppies were isolated from the other shelter dogs currently housed in the program until they were once again healthy and ready for adoption. As of this blog we are happy to report all of the pups found their fur-ever homes!

[Written by HRAAD Executive Director Eden McGrew]

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