In this series, I plan to introduce you to the Slopeswell team through a bunch of questions, both personal and professional. For part one, I asked Jon, our longest-surviving taproom staffer, a little bit about himself.

Meet the Crew: Jon Terhaar, Taproom Server & Wholesale Assistant, 3-year Crew Member

1. Let’s start with the basics, who are you and why do you work at Slopeswell?
My name is Jonathan Terhaar. I lived in the Pacific Northwest very early in my life – my first memory is riding a silver saucer down Mt. Hood. I figured why not revisit that memory after marrying a true Pacific Northwester 5 years ago. When I’m not helping out in the taproom or with other various Slopeswell-related tasks, I am sitting at my vise, tying steelhead flies or standing in a cold river. I will be a dad next year!

2. If you could drink cider on any beach in the world, where would it be?
   My beach would probably be Pensacola, FL, as that is where I grew up and is where I know how to catch fish with a rod in one hand and a cider in the other (true story).

3. Who is stronger: you or Keanu Reeves?
I feel like Keanu could probably beat me in arm wrestling, but when it comes to mental powers… look, I swing flies for steelhead, so my mind is like a universe of infinite patience and calm.

4. What’s your earliest memory?
See #1

5. Your alcoholic beverage of choice? If it’s not cider, you’re fired. But seriously, if it’s not cider, tell us what it is, and then also tell us your cider go-to.
I lived in Austin, TX before moving to Hood River, and a good friend of mine opened a tiny Oaxacan mezcal tasting room. I developed a fast love of his offerings. I love the smoky finish on some of them, but a few are too much. Before I came to Slopeswell, I, as with many others, had not developed a taste for dry ciders or, even less, barrel-aged ciders. That changed quickly, however. I have to say that Mystrale was all I drank for about a year until we kegged our bourbon barrel-aged Spirit – now that is my go-to shift drink and the one constant that I peddle to all of our cider-curious customers. I can’t say many have been disappointed.

6. What instruments do you play and why aren’t you in a band?
     You name it, I play it (or will at least try). Oh, I am in a band. It’s called Jon and himself. I play daily for my dogs. I might brink John Metta in to howl with them.

7. Did your parents have any other names picked out for you before you were born? Care to share?
    They were going to call me Adrian had I been born a girl. Please, feel free to tell the world what I wasn’t named.

8. Tell us about a favorite non-profit you like to donate to, volunteer at, or just talk about incessantly.
   I used to give to Red Cross and Unicef, but have been focusing more locally as of late. Columbia Riverkeeper and Hood River Adopt-A-Dog, to name a few. Riverkeeper has Hood River cleanups that I help coordinate. I’ve been meaning to volunteer time at Hukari dog shelter near my house, but have only donated money lately.

9. What’s the most pizza slices you’ve ever eaten in one sitting?
This is a tough one, as “slice” is subjective. There are traditional rectangular slices, small square slices, deep-dish slices, etc… I can put back some pizza. I’ll leave it at this – I’ve eaten an entire large Double Mountain ‘Truffle Shuffle’ in a 4 hour period, and that was fairly recently.

10. Why should people come visit you at Slopeswell?
If you want to talk fly fishing, guitars, fuzz pedals, dogs, fatherhood, single-cylinder motorcycles, volcanoes, sunglasses, fence installation, gutter-cleaning, socks, hats, or lawnmower repair, come see me; we’ll talk!

[Series by Kristyn Fix, Slopeswell Operations Manager]


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