In July, we introduced cans to our Slopeswell family for the first time. We decided to package our Heights cider in cans for two reasons:

1. It’s a semi-dry, easy-drinking cider that we think stays true to our brand as a dry, old world take on modern cider that sips beautifully in a can and can accompany you on any adventure, and

2. This cider is an homage to the Heights neighborhood of Hood River, where we just happen to be the first and only cidery, that embraces locals, neighbors, and community while keeping our doors open to diverse tourists from around the world.

Heights, according the to the copy we crafted for the back of the can, is a semi-dry cider handcrafted in the Columbia River Gorge with Northwest apples. Slightly sweet with crisp apple notes, Heights is the perfect partner on the mountain, at the beach, or just chilling on the patio. We made Heights to be enjoyed in good company, in the beautiful places just outside your back door. Drink well and reach new Heights.

You can read even more about this cider that we canned with Vice Canning, Portland, and pasteurized by hand (!!) in this Hood River News article. Come see us for a cold glass of Heights in the taproom and grab a six-pack to go.

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