The Slopeswell Cider gang has brought home a bronze medal for Homestead from the 2019 Portland International Cider Cup! This unique, wild-fermented cider, made with single-varietal Jonagold apples from Upper Valley Farms in Parkdale, Oregon, was the only medal winner in the Wild/Non-Sac category.

The cider is on tap at our cidery for Oregon Cider Week, and will remain in rotation so long as we can continue to convince the apples and wild yeast to cooperate. This cider has been slow fermented for about 9 months with yeast naturally found at the orchard and the same apples we use in our flagship cider, Mystrale. It is a crisp, light cider with a dry wine finish.

Want to know where we got the name?

Our cidermaker, John Metta, asked two of his friends/neighbors/original supporters of Slopeswell to name this special cider. Amanda & Derek Lindemyer have been drinking cider, cyser, wine, and hooch that John made long before our cidery was ever even in existence, so they were the perfect pair to choose. We just knew this cider would be unique and daring, so we needed a name to match.

They wanted to pick a name that would honor the French Farmhouse style of this cider, while still celebrating its place as a Pacific Northwest modern cider. Here in Oregon, our original farmhouses were known as homesteads, with some of the first homesteaders actually settling right here in the Gorge. And, so they had it: Homestead.


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